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Perverted Disney

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I was sick for a few days so my parents forced me to lay in my bed the entire day watching the shitty movies i've seen 20 times. My mom used to collect Disney movies so we have pretty much every Disney movie in the world. I heard some rumors at school that there were hidden messages in Disney movies and "Aladdin" was the first to come to mind. After i watched this movie i began doing research on Disney movies. Here are my results, Enjoy:



If you go to the part where abu has touched the forbidden treasure and he is standing on the stones which are exploding in the lava...listen very carefully, and as they are exploding on either side, he says "oh, shit"


Disney's cover up: "what you are actually hearing is the sound of Abu saying OH and the word shit you hear comes from the explosions of lava and rock which makes a sound like ppphssssttttt... making it sound like shit." Bull shit.

During the scene where Aladdin is trying to calm the Tiger on the balcony. Listen carefully throughout this entire scene until Jazmin comes out. If you listen closely you will hear "Take off your clothes". I have heard from a few other people and reviews online that in other versions you hear "Good teenagers take off their clothes" I heard the first one.


Disney's cover up: "what you are actually hearing is -Take off and go-"... Take off and go? Wtf, hey how bout... no. That rhymed.


Little mermaid

Look on the movie's cover, there is a gold penis in the middle of the castle in the background. This happened because on of the artists for the movie heard he was getting fired, before he left, he added his creation to the cover. You’ll only find it if you have one of the original VHS releases of the movie. The "secret" got out, and there was a bit of a scandal about it, so Disney redid the cover minus the phallus for all subsequent releases. Yes i have the original cover.





At the end of the movie during the wedding, pay close attention to the priest's pants and you will see that he has an erection.
Disney Defense: "That was the priest's knee." So does the priest have anorexia? Holy bull shit cover up.





After Hercules defeats the Hydra the Muses start singing the song "Zero to Hero". About half way through this, one muse sings the line "... is he bold?" At that moment she takes a step forward, her dress flies open, and you can see that she isn't wearing any underwear.


Disney cover up: "double layered tan colored dress" I almost ate this bullshit they gave me, just kidding, I'm too smart.


At the beginning of the movie, when the gods make a cloud-cradle for baby Hercules, look closely at the cradle. There is a penis-shaped part of the cradle at the top of it. It grows and then flops back down.


Disney's attempt to cover up: "clouds are random, it's easy to see shapes in clouds" Yeah almost.



Lion king


In this movie the word sex appears at least 4 times on my count.


When the adult Simba collapses on the cliff and brushes something over the edge, it swirls up into the sky and spells out sex. A good slow motion VCR or DVD helps on this one


1. Go to the part where Simba and Nala are singing "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"

2. During the song, while they are rolling down the hill in the background, if you look carefully, the foreground flowers spell SEX.



1) Find the scene shortly before Simba goes back to the Pride Lands, when he flops down on the ground, making the wind that carries his scent to Rafiki.

2) Pause while the wind stirs up, or better yet, pause before and go frame-by-frame through it if you can.

3) At one point, the leaves spell out the word SEX.


When the two lions are singing "Can you feel the love tonight" and Simba jumps in to the water, the splash on the left side of the screen spells out 'SEX'.


Another Disney cover up story: "The letters you are seeing are actually SFX. Which is the name of our sound effects department."

Really? because i heard it was SEF. But then again i could be wrong. Just kidding, i'm always right.


The Santa Clause

In the movie 'The Santa Clause" the wife was given an emergency '800' phone number which was the actual number of a phone sex service. Why that number was called is beyond me.


Disney's defense responce: None





This next one is rather intresting.




Maybe this was an accident, i have no idea. I heard a rumor about Walt Disney himself being a Nazi. Hence the reason why they are called "rumors" Anyway, if you look closely you'll see the the letters "K K K" are written on the ship.

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Disney's cover up: None